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Joy McMillan Glass

Frosted glass chain necklace with single Mai Tai link

Frosted glass chain necklace with single Mai Tai link

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A beautiful chain necklace made from frosted glass links with a single link of colourful Mai Tai glass.


This necklace is made from 32 links and is 86cm long. Frosted links are approximately 22mm wide by 34mm long. The Mai Tai link is 23mm wide by 50mm long.

How is this necklace made?

Each link is individually crafted and joined to create a chain. The clear chain is formed then tumble etched giving a velvety surface like sea glass. The chain is then closed with a single link of Mai Tai glass. Each link can move independently, giving movement to the piece and allowing it to hang beautifully.

What is the necklace made from?

The necklace is made from clear and coloured borosilicate glass. This type of glass is prized for its strength and durability.

A beautiful chain necklace made from clear glass links and three multicolour Mai Tai links.

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  • Care For Your Jewellery

    Glass can be cleaned with soap and water and polished with a soft cloth. We recommend you don’t sleep, shower or swim in your jewellery.

  • Gift Box Included

    Our glass chains come  packed in an oak box. This provides a safe home for your jewellery when it’s not being worn. Jewellery comes with a leaflet describing the processes and glasses used.

  • Sending a Gift

    We can gift wrap and post this item straight to your recipient. We’ll add tissue paper wrapping and a hand written note. Put the recipients name and address in the shipping details, use the comments box for your message and let us do the rest.

    More information about sending a gift.

  • Eco Credentials & Recycling

    Glass has great eco credentials and is suitable for vegans.All the recycling information you need is here. All the repair information you need is here.