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Glass is the most magical of materials. It’s a big part of everyday life. It’s used to create exquisite art. Glass pieces have survived for thousands of years. It’s reusable. It can be recycled. At Joy McMillan Glass we really love this awesome stuff.

Transparent red glass chain link necklace which fastens with a sterling silver loop and hook. The necklace sits on a white background.

Lampwork Glass

lampwork glass to delight your senses

At Joy McMillan Glass we create lampwork treasures in our Yorkshire Studio. Glass is amazing stuff, yet we interact with it multiple times and day without noticing (hello phone screen!).

Glass has the ability to delight your senses, from the tactile delight of playing with one of our spinning necklaces to the visual enjoyment of watching light dance through glass decorations.

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  • A pair of earrings made with sunshine yellow glass discs and stainless steel half hoop earrings. The earrings have a ball at one end and fasten with a butterfly scroll. Both earrings sit in a small cream pottery dish which sits on sandstone tiles.


    A little treat for yourself, these earrings are the answer for a pop of sunshine colour to brighten up dull days. It’s jewellery to make you smile - and that feels good.

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  • Three lampwork beads on a stainless steel chain bracelet. The beads are made with turquoise glass and have a frosted finish. One is plain, one has a band of ivory glass and one has dots of silver. The chain is a chunky wheat weave , so it looks pleated and it fastens with two lobster clasps.


    Bracelets with lampwork beads so you can wear your treasures every day. Whatever beads you choose, the bracelet will be treasured for years to come.

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  • Glass chain link necklace made with Mai Tai glass. Mai Tai glass gives a multi colour finish so the links are orange, yellow,, red, pink and blue.

    Glass Chain

    The ultimate glass jewellery – glass chain links which move freely making this as fun to wear as it is to look at. Made with borosilicate glass for strength and durability.

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Three tiny plant decorations sit on a yellow and green ornamental squash. The decorations are an orange pumpkin with green stalk, a gnome with red pointy hat and white beard and a mushroom with a red cap and white spots.

Created With Fire

Lampwork glass objects are handmade one by one in a hot flame. 

Heat, gravity and tools allow the control and shaping of the molten glass turning it into everything from statement chains to tiny decorations.

It might be the best job in the world. 

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Close up of a frosted link made from clear glass which passes through five beads. The beads are made from a marmite bottle so are brown. They also have a frosted finish. The link hangs from a sterling silver chain.

Eco Credentials

Glass has great eco credentials.

It’s durable. It can be reused almost indefinitely, and it’s easy to recycle. The beads on the link used to be a marmite bottle.

Glass is vegan friendly – there are no animal products used either in the initial manufacturing process or when we use it.

At Joy McMillan Glass we’ll always try to do better – it’s an ongoing process.

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A plant decoration made with a red glass heart with a single eye sits in a small pot of ivy.

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