Do you ship to where I live?

Almost certainly yes. We ship worldwide. We don’t sent parcels to Russia or Belarus. Ready to shop?

Where do you get your recycled glass?

We have a friendly local restaurant which keeps interesting coloured bottles for us, and we may occasionally empty a gin or two ourselves. Perks of the job and all that! We've also used trash nothing to put out a request for marmite jars.

My parcel hasn’t arrived. Can you help?

Absolutely. You should be able to see where your parcel is from the tracking information that was sent when we posted your order – or contact us and we’ll check for you. You’ll find everything you need on our shipping information page.

Can I telephone you?

It’s not a great idea. Hot glass and phone calls don't mix, so most of the time calls go to voicemail. It's often tricky to work out what a message is saying, and we end up playing phone tag. It  helps to be near a computer so we can answer queries. 

Email is the best way to contact us. We check our emails often and reply fast. If you feel it’s essential that you speak to us then contact us giving us a number where we can reach you, times we can phone and a clear idea of what we’re calling you about. We’ll call you back within 7 days.

Things We Say No To (Not An Exhaustive List!)

Can I visit the workshop?

No. Visitors and a working lampwork studio are not a good mix.

Do you teach lampwork?

Not at the moment. Our workshop isn’t suitable for classes. It google doesn’t suggest anyone in your area who teaches feel free to get in touch telling us where you are and we’ll see who we can put you in touch with.

Will you donate a prize to my charity?

No. We support several charities that matter to us and we’d prefer to donate everything we can to them.

Will you send me something so I can review it on my blog?

No. If you don’t love it enough to buy it then why would you want to review it?

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